$ whoami

Hello there! I'm Otto, a Systems Software Engineer specializing in Infrastructure and Operations.

Various different roles in my career has led me to develop expertise in Infrastructure (Datacenter + Cloud) Automation, Container Orchestration, Build (CI/CD) Pipelines, API design and development, and Front-end Web Development.

I am currently working a multi-year initiative to shift large-scale online services used by popular AAA game titles on to a new Continuous Deployment Pipeline. Key Focus of this project is to increase development agility, and lower operational costs by being able to reliably run and manage services at-scale using Linux Containers on Kubernetes, on-premise and on AWS. Previously, I have worked on a similar project that made use of Marathon and Mesos on AWS instead.

Alongside, I try my best to find time to contribute back to the open-source community, revolving around projects that have benefited me greatly. Check out my GitHub if you would like to learn more about what open-source projects I'm currently working on!

On Sunny days, I love roaming around beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia on my bike and electric skateboard, doing casual weekend hikes, kayaking calm waters, relaxing on the beach and working on my car. On gloomy days, I spend most of my time working on personal projects surrounding small home automation and electronics.

$ cat ~/.gitconfig | grep email

email = [email protected]

Feel free to email me with any inquiries you may have.